Diesel Generators vs. Petrol Generators

Both Diesel and Petrol Generators Can Provide the Power You Need to Keep the Lights on And Get the Job Done. Which Type of Generator Is Superior, and Which Is Preferable for Different Applications?

Diesel Generators

Diesel fuel may sbe more expensive than petrol, but diesel generators are also a good deal more fuel efficient than their petrol counterparts, generally burning about 50% as much fuel over any given period of time. Therefore, portable diesel generators are usually less expensive over time than petrol generators.

Petrol Generators

Petrol generators are a better option for infrequent or temporary use. This is true for multiple reasons. First of all, petrol generators are generally less expensive and available in more models and price ranges than diesel generators. Petrol generators also run quieter and produced less harmful carbon dioxide fumes. Both of these characteristics may be determining factors if you are buying a generator as an intermittent use backup power option for your home.

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