Generator Malfunction

Is Your Home Generator Out Of Gas?

One of the most obvious and frequent generator failure related problem is that of simply running out of fuel.

While simply running out of fuel is an easy fix, there are other cases where a backup generator can be starved of fuel unexpectedly. For example, a clogged fuel filter is a sure way to experience home generator failure. A clogged fuel filter in essence causes an engine to run out of fuel because it is starved of gas.

Periodically Inspect the Battery

Another common reason that a home generator will fail is because the battery has lost its charge or gone completely dead.

As with a car battery, the battery in a home generator system can (over time) accumulate excessive amounts of sulfate along the blades of the battery. When this buildup becomes excessive the battery loses power and the ability to even start a home generator. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to periodically inspect the battery in your home generator system to ensure that it is healthy, clean and adequately charged.

Checking Coolant Levels

Finally, inadequate levels of coolant can be a sure way for a home generator to shut down unexpectedly or fail completely.

As with automobiles, coolant must mean maintained at the proper levels to ensure normal operation. Coolant is essential because if an engine becomes too hot and overheats it will simply seize-up or fail to operate. Not only can this cause inconveniences when a home generator is needed the most but it can also result in a home generator system becoming useless.

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