Should You Buy or Rent a Generator

You Will Need to Figure out Whether Renting or Purchasing Is the Best Solution.When Weighing These Two Options, Consider the Following:

1. How Often Your Business Needs Backup Power

  • If your business is like most, the power grid you're connected to will keep you running most of the time. Complete power outages are a rare occurrence and are usually caused by unusual or irregular circumstances. This means your business's need for a generator is also rare, probably no more than once or twice a year. In this case, renting a generator when you need it is a more practical decision than purchasing and maintaining one. On the other hand, if your business experiences frequent power outages throughout the year, having a generator of your own will ensure you can keep your business running despite your intermittent power supply.

2. How Much Does Your Company Rely on Power

  • Practically all businesses are disrupted when they lose power, but the consequences of the disruption vary. For instance, if you're running a manufacturing plant with time-sensitive processes, being able to use your own generator at a moment's notice may be critical for your business. However, if your business is in an office building and the only thing you're losing is work hours, you can afford to wait several hours or days for your generator to be delivered to your location.

3. How Willing You Are to Maintain and Repair It

  • By renting a generator, you can rest assured that the generator provided will be well maintained.

4. Where Your Business Needs Power

  • If your business has more than one location, any one of them may need a generator — and one isn't sufficient to make sure that they're all supplied. If you have a go-to rental company, you can rent as many generators for as many locations as you need. However, it's also important to consider your location. If your business is in a remote area, having a backup generator may be a better option.

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