If you follow the simple points below you will not have any problems to keep your genset healthy and in a working condition:

  1. Run the genset at least once a week by opening the petrol valve and allowing 1 minute to fill the carb bowl and start the genset and run off-load for 20 minutes. Close the petrol valve and leave the gen to run until it stops to empty the carb bowl which prevents corrosion in the carb. This will also charge the battery on electric start models.
  2. Cover/protect the genset in a clean area with a hard surface from rain and bad weather. Sandy/dusty locations are not recommended.
  3. If the gen is stored to be used occasionally, store it in “winter” mode where the fuel tank and carb are drained completely, the engine oil is changed (if the gen was used over 10 hours prior to storage) and filled with 15W40 engine oil almost dripping out of the dipstick hole. Pull the rope starter slowly until there is solid resistance, this is where both the inlet and exhaust valves are closed preventing the stems from rusting and sticking. Remove the battery and connect a C-Tek or equivalent intelligent battery maintenance device to maintain the charge.
  4. To use the “winter” genset, will require a full tank of fresh petrol, replacing the battery into its cradle (or disconnecting the charge), wheeling it outside and starting it up. These setups normally use extension cords to supply power to the devices you want to run.
  5. Never back feed one plug to another i.e. a 15amp plug on one end of a cable plugged into the genset and another to plug into a socket in the house. This is dangerous and can damage the set and or cause a fire.
  6. Always remember to take your genset to a service centre every 100 hours of operation for a proper service.

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