Reasons to Rent a Generator

1. Less Maintenance and Downtime

  • Generators you own need to be serviced by someone. If you hire your own technicians, that means increased costs for your labor force. When you're renting generators, you'll have the peace of mind that the generators are CARB certified and well maintained.

2. Saving Money

  • One of the greatest benefits of renting a generator is that it can often be cheaper to rent instead of buy. If you only need a generator for a short-term event or project, renting is usually your best option.

3. Flexibility for Any Job, Any Size

  • One of the best things about renting your generator is that you can rent generators of any size with the right output and the right rating. Power equipment rentals can be sized for your specific project, and you'll have a team of professionals that will help you make sure you've got the perfect generator for your needs.

4. Appropriate Warranty and Insurance Coverage

  • You'll never have to pay for insurance or a warranty of a generator that you're renting.

5. Responding to Disasters

  • Renting equipment lets you immediately respond to disasters that you may experience. These can include natural disasters from weather to earthquakes or work-related problems at your job site.

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