Generator Service 

  • Cooling System Service

Coolant level must be checked when the engine is shut down. Remove the radiator cap after allowing the engine to cool and, if necessary, add coolant until the level is about 2 centimitres below the radiator cap lower sealing surface. Heavy duty diesel engines require a balanced coolant mixture of water, antifreeze and coolant additives. Use a coolant solution as recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Inspect the exterior of the radiator for obstructions and remove all dirt or foreign material with a soft brush or cloth. Use care to avoid damaging the fins. If available, use low pressure compressed air or a stream of water in the opposite direction of normal air flow to clean the radiator. Check the operation of the coolant heater by verifying that hot coolant is being discharged from the outlet hose.

  • Fuel System Service

Diesel fuel filters should be drained at the interval indicated by the manufactturer. Water vapor accumulates and condenses in the fuel tank and must also be periodically drained from the tank along with any sediment present.

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